App Review: Rainbow Ruckus - The Amazing World of Gumball

From the popular Cartoon Network show, The Amazing World of Gumball the brand has expanded to bringing out their own mobile app version for iOS and Android. Developer Cartoon Network EMEA Games released the app last April 15, 2015 in the United States, while the UK release was a week after (April 24, 2015).

Gumball Rainbow RuckusThe objective of the Rainbow Ruckus’ game is to defeat Jealousy (the green ghost) by restoring the stolen rainbow in its place and save the town of Elmore. Players will play as Gumball (the blue cat) throughout the game, although Darwin (orange fish with a body) will be beside you for the adventure.

Game Story

Jealousy is back. He wants revenge by wrecking the Elmore town and stealing the rainbow from the sky. Jealousy possessed the town folks and forced them to do his bidding. The player will act as Gumball and Darwin, and will aim to stop Jealousy’s evil plan by restoring the rainbow above the sky. There are 30 gripping levels wherein you will need to guide the rainbow through old sewer pipes to get back up to the sky. As Gumball, you will need to guide and protect Darwin while he fixes the pipes. With the help of Darwin’s trusty paintball gun, protect Darwin at all cost by waking up the town folk, who are under the spell of Jealousy, and shooting them otherwise they will attack your character.

There is an option to power up before the next level, so make sure to strategize your power point wisely and prepare for the upcoming stages.

Unblock the pipes and protect darwin from the possessed towns folk!

Unblock the pipes and protect darwin from the possessed towns folk!

Other game details:

Apart from English, the game comes in other languages: Arabic, French, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

As of the moment, Rainbow Ruckus garnered 94% of 5-star rating with an overall review rate of 4.1-star at the Goole Play Store, while the App Store gave this game a Rated 4+ score.

The app can be installed on Android devices running 2.3 Gingerbread and above version. Meanwhile, App Store only allows iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 7.0 and later version to install the game. Apple noted that The Amazing Gumball app is already optimized for the new iPhone 6 to fit its 4.7-inch screen and maximize its faster A8 chip with 64-bit power.

Lite version of the app with eight free stages is also available at the Google Play Store.

Additional Tip:

The game itself is engaging and fun, but it will be best played on an Android handset with wide view panel and powerful graphic chipset. During our review, we used the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Platform: Android and iOS
Price: $2.49
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App Review: Pop Squishy

Pop SquishyEver wonder what those squishy tentacles on a squid are for? Well apparently, they're a pretty great way to get rid of irritating bugs from a walruses back, and as we all know, a happy walrus releases bubbles that help a squid to float. If all of that sounds nonsensical to you, welcome to the delightfully strange world of Pop Squishy for iOS.

pop squishyThis is a platform game in which you play as Squishy, an eye-wateringly adorable pink squid with the uncanny ability to jump, bounce and float through the air to perform the noble task of squishing bugs in order to cheer-up a series of rather obese-looking walruses, while avoiding spikes and collecting golden jellyfish. Once collected, these jellies can be fed to a narwhal, who then takes you to the next stage.

Given such a bizarre premise for a platformer, it's no surprise that controlling Squishy is also a little unconventional; with no visible controls on the screen, this is a game that feels quite different to anything you've played before, but once you get used to moving around, Pop Squishy reveals itself as an exceptionally fun and challenging game.

pop squishyGraphically, it's clear a lot of care and attention has gone into making Pop Squishy pleasing to the eye, with smooth character animations, brightly colored backdrops and genuinely some of the cutest visuals we've ever seen. It's so obscenely cute, that on first impression you might think it's just for kids, but there's enough challenge here to satisfy adults too.

There are 40 levels on offer, each requiring a different approach to the various traps and hazards, making this a game that will keep you occupied with many hours of bouncing and squishing around like a gelatinous pink blob.

Pop Squishy is a hugely entertaining game that is guaranteed to raise a smile and keep you coming back for more, and at only $0.99 it's an absolute must-play.

Platform: iOS
Price: $0.99
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App Review: Hungry Hal

Hungry HalEver since zombies learned to run fast instead of ambling around like idiots, they've become a lot more efficient in their efforts to digest as many brains as possible, and Hungry Hal (iOS & Android) is probably the most athletic zombie you're likely to meet. Having recently been infected by the walking dead, the only way for Hal to survive is to chase down the few remaining humans and eat their brains.

Hungry HalHal doesn't even stop to chew, which is a recipe for indigestion if nothing else, but this is the apocalypse, and with obstacles and missile-firing helicopters in his way, good table manners are the least of his worries.

As Hal runs from left to right, swiping up or down will move him between one of three paths, which allows him to avoid obstacles and catch fleeing pedestrians while collecting bones along the way. You will have to move fast to keep eating, because if the diminishing 'brain meter' reaches zero, Hal will starve to death and the game is over.

Hungry HalChasing hapless humans through the street is every bit as fun as you might expect, and gnawing on their grey-matter when you catch them is made all the more rewarding by the humorous quips and screams they unleash as they become your dinner.

This isn't a game that takes itself too seriously, but a serious effort has gone into the presentation, with some smooth animation and plenty of humor that will make you chuckle often, unless you're dead inside. Graphically, both the characters and the backgrounds are well polished with a distinctive cartoon style, and with the exception of some minor pop-in issues, Hungry Hal is a well executed game that looks great on your phone or tablet.

The ability to spend collected bones on various upgrades is a welcome addition that adds some variety to the gameplay; with items like the 'Gold Brain' to extend Hal's life, a magnet to attract more bones, and our personal favorite, a scooter which allows you to run people over at high-speed, splatting them into the screen.

If you're looking for a zombie game that's a little bit different, Hungry Hal is a challenging and addictive time-killer with bags of brainless humor and one that's easy to recommend.

Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: FREE
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App Review: Luigi The Baker Goes Chopping Mad!

Luigi The Baker Goes Chopping Mad!Mamma Mia! Who knew making pizza could be so challenging? Armed with the sharpest of knives, Luigi the baker is tasked with chopping and slicing an endless column of delicious pizza to feed the villagers; who apparently just witnessed a zombie attack resulting in insatiable hunger pangs that can only be satisfied with pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers and lashings of melted cheese.

pizza_shot0Luigi may have been a little over-generous with the cheese however, as huge goops of the stuff are spilling over the sides and must be avoided at all costs. Tapping the left or right of the screen causes Luigi to switch sides and chop away at the looming tower of pizza while avoiding the extra cheese as it approaches from above.

It's a simple gameplay mechanic that we've seen in other mobile games, but fans of the genre will be pleased to know that Luigi The Baker for iOS and Android is every bit as fun and addictive as you might expect, requiring fast reactions and dexterity to get a high score, and if you score highly enough, you can unlock an extra character to chop away with.

pizza_shot1The pizza only moves down each time you chop, but that doesn't mean you have much time to think, as the timer bar depletes while you wait, encouraging you to chop as quickly as you can. This creates plenty of challenge while allowing you to find your own pace.

The game is nicely presented with a cartoon-style background and hunks of pizza flying off in all directions, and while the interface is kept as simple as possible, everything is well polished and easy on the eye, even if the game itself is not so easy on the thumbs.

Luigi The Baker Goes Chopping Mad! is a fun and addictive way to kill some time on your iOS or Android device, and it's well worth a download. Grab it and start chopping!

Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: FREE
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App Review: Dungeon Hackers

dungeon hackIf your idea of fun is hacking and slashing your way through dungeons in a sprawling RPG, fighting hordes of undead zombies with a variety of edged weapons, you're certainly not alone, and if the idea of doing all this on your iPhone or iPad leaves you trembling in anticipation, then tremble no more - because Dungeon Hackers brings all that to the small screen in glorious 3D, and we're going to find out what makes it so special.

dunhak_headStory time... For years, your homeland has been ravaged by an army of the undead, and no one knows where they came from or why they're here, but a safe guess would be that this boney battalion is not here for tea & cakes, but rather for murder and pillaging. Naturally, it's time to suit-up and sharpen your sword for some good old adventuring.

Dungeon Hackers is an RPG in every sense of the word, with hit points, exp and a trove of loot to collect, including over 100 varieties of armor and weapons to equip as you explore open spaces and claustrophobic dungeons. This is a game that will satisfy even the most ardent fans of the genre, and the addition of a world-wide leaderboard allows you to compete with players around the world.

dungeon hackersLet's make no bones about it, this game looks fantastic, and boasts a level of detail and variety in its environments that wouldn't look out of place on a desktop system. The texture-work, dynamic shadows and fluid character animation give this game a well polished look, and the world you explore feels alive with nice weather effects and atmospheric lighting.

The interface is functional, but may appear overly complex to new players, but achieving the brevity and simplicity mobile gamers have come to expect in a game of this depth is a balancing act, so perhaps this is an unfair criticism, and one most players will forgive.

dungeon hackersThe core gameplay here is all about fighting and exploration, and both of these are handled well, with controls that are fluid and responsive. You have 2 basic attack buttons and a block button, and these can be used in sequence to unleash a devastating combo - so there is real skill involved in defeating your enemies and you never feel like you're being railroaded into a random button-mashing encounter.

Dungeon Hackers looks great, offers a level of customization you're unlikely to find anywhere else, and it's guaranteed to steal hours of your time. It's the most fun you can have with your iron-clad pants on.

Platform: iOS
Price: FREE
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