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dungeon hackIf your idea of fun is hacking and slashing your way through dungeons in a sprawling RPG, fighting hordes of undead zombies with a variety of edged weapons, you're certainly not alone, and if the idea of doing all this on your iPhone or iPad leaves you trembling in anticipation, then tremble no more - because Dungeon Hackers brings all that to the small screen in glorious 3D, and we're going to find out what makes it so special.

dunhak_headStory time... For years, your homeland has been ravaged by an army of the undead, and no one knows where they came from or why they're here, but a safe guess would be that this boney battalion is not here for tea & cakes, but rather for murder and pillaging. Naturally, it's time to suit-up and sharpen your sword for some good old adventuring.

Dungeon Hackers is an RPG in every sense of the word, with hit points, exp and a trove of loot to collect, including over 100 varieties of armor and weapons to equip as you explore open spaces and claustrophobic dungeons. This is a game that will satisfy even the most ardent fans of the genre, and the addition of a world-wide leaderboard allows you to compete with players around the world.

dungeon hackersLet's make no bones about it, this game looks fantastic, and boasts a level of detail and variety in its environments that wouldn't look out of place on a desktop system. The texture-work, dynamic shadows and fluid character animation give this game a well polished look, and the world you explore feels alive with nice weather effects and atmospheric lighting.

The interface is functional, but may appear overly complex to new players, but achieving the brevity and simplicity mobile gamers have come to expect in a game of this depth is a balancing act, so perhaps this is an unfair criticism, and one most players will forgive.

dungeon hackersThe core gameplay here is all about fighting and exploration, and both of these are handled well, with controls that are fluid and responsive. You have 2 basic attack buttons and a block button, and these can be used in sequence to unleash a devastating combo - so there is real skill involved in defeating your enemies and you never feel like you're being railroaded into a random button-mashing encounter.

Dungeon Hackers looks great, offers a level of customization you're unlikely to find anywhere else, and it's guaranteed to steal hours of your time. It's the most fun you can have with your iron-clad pants on.

Platform: iOS
Price: FREE
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One thought on “App Review: Dungeon Hackers

  1. Greene

    Very nice little game, but itd be quite an understatement to call it buggy. One of the more amusing examples is the goldfind stat available on items. In the games store you can purchase 100.000 gold for roughly $80, but over the course of my first two days of playing, I accumulated 150.000.000 gold(not stacking goldfind, just from the regular bonuses on items) , i may not have gotten the math right, but thats about $120.000 worth - not a bad weekend..
    Another issue is with xp gain, with a lowish bonus on gear youll suddenly find yourself gaining a lvl at every few kills didnt take me too many hours to reach the levelcap of 200.
    Then theres critical chance/damage. By the end of the game i had 73% crit chance, and 16000% critical damage, thats right, 16.000%.. The final boss has a little under 1.000.000 hitpoints, and i was doing 12.000.000 damage when my weakest attack was a critical hit, which was 3 out of 4 times(had a life- and manasteal of about 20% of damage dealt aswell, so there was no risk of running out of either)
    Then there was the gems in game, with these you can create your own weapons(and armor), very very potent weapons, always with a damage scaling with you level. These gems are probably supposed to be hard to get, but because theres an itemstat with increased chance of getting gems, and its as buggy as the rest of the stats available, I soon found myself with thousands of gems(best items cost up to 49 gems a piece to craft).
    Finally - after having played for only a weekend, I reached spot 4 on global ranklist, which seems a bit to easy tbh.

    The game has a great deal of potential - it looks and feels great, but it does need one hell of an overhaul if they want it to be a keeper. Force a full reset of servers, reimburse those people who has spent money ingame and tweak all statistics, make some social features, even if just a friend/chat function, and ill definetly stick around.


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