App Review: Good Puppy Dig

good puppy digFor some reason, dogs have a bizarre fascination with bones, and will go to any length to dig them up. Good Puppy Dig is an iOS game that introduces us to Roger, a dog who will stop at nothing to dig up as many delicious bones as he can, and of course, it's up to you and your dextrous fast reactions to help him.

The idea of this game couldn't be simpler; tap left and right to guide the puppy in either direction as he digs deeper in search of bones while avoiding 'hypnotic' crystals that block your way. The deeper you dig, and the more bones you collect, the closer you get to unlocking additional scenarios.

good puppy digScenarios include 'Snow Dig', 'Puppy Dive', 'Night Dig' and 'Lucky Roger', each of which gives Roger a new look, and adds some extra variety to the gameplay as a reward. You can use your skill to unlock these extras, or pay $0.99 to unlock everything and remove the ads in one go.

Good Puppy Dig has a distinctive look, with vibrant colors and cute cartoon-style graphics that work pretty well on the iPhone, and the game as a whole is well presented, and although it's kind of minimalist, this keeps the focus on the only thing that matters for games of this type - gameplay, and it's the gameplay that really shines through here; it's both compulsive and challenging, without ever getting too frustrating.

The ease at which you can pick up this app and keep playing for hours means you'll wonder where all the time has gone, but you'll still find it hard to put down. The 'just one more go' factor is ever-present as you try once again to beat your best score.

Good Puppy Dig is a fun time-killer with some excellent presentation, and once you start digging, you won't be able to stop.

Platform: iOS
Price: FREE
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