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Policy Change: URL Shorteners

While we understand that URL shorteners can be a useful tool for tracking clicks between Appseeq and the app store listing, we've taken the decision to disallow their use when submitting apps on Appseeq.

This is due to the following reasons...

  1. Visitors to your Appseeq listing may distrust shortened URLs, preferring to know exactly where the 'download' or 'buy' buttons lead.
  2. Appseeq already keeps track of downloads via an on-site redirect, and tells visitors about the destination domain when they hover over the button.
  3. If an URL shortener suddenly vanishes, we'd be left with a lot of dead links, and these listings would have to be removed.

App submissions with shortened URLS instead of direct app store links won't be rejected, but we reserve the right to replace your links with direct, final destination URLS. This means more work for editors, and your app will take longer to be approved.

If your app is on Android - please link directly to your Google Play or Amazon page, likewise iTunes for iOS or Windows Store for Windows Phone.

Recent Server Outages

Appseeq has been plagued by server problems recently, after a server migration at the host end was messed up – something completely outside our control. Pretty frustrating, but we’re working on getting things back to normal, which will probably mean switching to a more reputable provider in the coming weeks.

The good news is, site performance should improve dramatically going forward, so please bare with us while we deal with things. We are still accepting app submissions as per usual, but you might notice the site going down occasionally.

Privacy Update

Privacy is more important than ever these days, and Appseeq has always given users multiple ways to control who can see their account-related information on the site; from the ability to hide real names and email addresses from other users, to optionally blocking guests and search-engines from viewing entire profiles - there's plenty of control on offer for anyone concerned about their personal data.

One thing we missed, and have since fixed - is the visibility of user-connections on public profiles. Appseeq now blocks anyone who isn't logged-in from seeing which accounts you've 'connected' with (under the 'Connections' tab) - and you still have all the other privacy settings available if you want to lock-down your profile from prying eyes.

If you haven't changed your privacy settings for your account yet, you might be surprised how easy it is.. click 'Edit'-->'Edit Profile' from your account page, and scroll to the bottom for the following options...

  • Show my real name on my profile & comments (can also be hidden when you register)
  • Show my email address on my profile (default: off)
  • Show my phone number on my profile (optional)
  • Show my birthday on my profile (optional)
  • Accept messages from users I'm not connected to
  • Hide my profile from search engines & logged-out users

So now, as well as all of the above options, your connections are also hidden by default. We take this stuff seriously, so feel free to let us know if you need further control over your accounts.


Get the Appseeq App for Android

The official Appseeq app for Android is now available on the Google Play store, bringing app-search for all platforms to your Android phone or tablet! This means it's now easier than ever to find interesting new apps on-the-go, and for app developers, we now have even more ways to help your app get more visibility with mobile users.

The Appseeq app connects to our growing database of apps, providing detailed listings with screenshots and utilizes the Google Play Store for easy download and install on your Android device. For other platforms, apps link to the developers website and the Appseeq listing.

Appseeq Android App

The Appseeq app on Android tablet and phone devices.

This is a new release, so feedback and feature-requests are encouraged and appreciated, either on the Google Play listing, or via the Appseeq blog or app listing.

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Submission Quality Update

While the majority of app submissions coming in are from genuine and honest app developers who want to use the service to promote their apps, this obviously attracts a number of illegitimate or spam submissions which is why all apps submitted to the site are reviewed carefully by a human being before being accepted.

Our policy is that for most apps, if only minor edits are needed to improve the quality of an app listing, we will make those edits and approve the app within a few days - but a number of apps have landed in the review queue recently with the kind of issues which make it impossible for us to approve them.

Most commonly, it should be obvious to genuine app developers that when prompted for the title of your app, this must match the title of your app exactly - and submissions using the title field for promotional hyperbole will be rejected as spam.

Secondly, apps which infringe on the copyrights or trademarks of third-parties will be rejected without exception. For example, if your app title contains the word 'Google', and you are not authorized or employed by Google, you should consider changing it - and in the mean time, don't expect us to approve your listing.

If you've made a great app that provides something useful, and your listing is honest and accurate, there is a good chance it will be approved - the App Submission Guide should provide a handy check-list to avoid any problems.