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Review: Tree Notes

Tree Notes (by Dextronet) takes an interesting approach to note-taking; ditching the common sticky-note method in favor of a collapsible tree containing various items and projects in the left-pane, and a rich-text editor to the right, which can contain notes, emails and embedded files to keep track of daily tasks and events.

Items can be distinguished with a selection from over 244 icons provided, and your notes can be stored in a local database with optional encryption to keep out prying eyes.

It's all fairly intuitive, and the ability to export to PDF, along with searchable notes and a built-in spellchecker makes this a good all-round organizer for personal note-taking.

Platform: Microsoft® Windows

Price: $44.95

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App Round-up: Educational Apps for Kids

For this round-up, we'll be looking at a selection of fun educational apps available on various platforms. Click each icon for detailed information and screenshots from the app listings.

Monster Book of Numbers (iOS - $0.99 - My Little Big Town) is an interactive educational book for ages 2 and up, which uses bright illustrations, particle effects and touch elements to teach counting from 1 to 10.

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Color By Numbers - Flowers (iOS, Windows, Mac - $6.99 - Coloritbynumbers) encourages creativity and teaches number recognition. Aimed primarily at girls, this app presents a series of flowery coloring sheets which can be filled by tapping paint tubes and numbered areas to fill in the pictures.

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Brave Crab (Windows - $14.99 - Pilot Group) is an educational adventure game featuring a crab called Shifty, with multiple varied environments and a unique graphical style that should keep kids entertained.

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Map Scholar (Windows - $9.99 - Arctic Owl Software) teaches geography with an animated political world map with a focus on identifying capital cities, countries and flags across 8 different continents.

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Feature: deepMesh

Game developers can be quite demanding when it comes to their development tools and editors, especially given the broad range of model formats, graphics APIs and game engines they have to work with - and the options for 3D modelers are well established with the likes of 3DSMax, Z-Brush and Blender - many of which require you to jump through hoops and plug-ins to export game-ready models in a suitable format.

deepMesh provides a feature-rich set of 3D model editing tools for game developers, which may be more accessible to beginners than some of the alternatives, while giving seasoned 3d artists every editing tool they could wish for in a single app.

Every stage of the modelling process is catered for, from model editing to materials, uv mapping, light & shadow and even an integrated scene-editor make deepMesh a worthy addition to your development tools.

Platform: Microsoft® Windows

Price: $24.99

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App Round-up: Privacy & Security Tools

With all the recent talk of privacy concerns in the media, the need to protect your personal data is more important than ever. For this round-up, we've picked a selection of apps which could help you do just that...

Amigabit Privacy Cleaner ($29.95 - Windows - Amigabit) is designed to clear all traces of activity across a variety of browsers, applications and communication tools on your PC, making the process of tidying up your history a quick and simple process.

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Secure IT Encryption Software ($29.95 - Windows - Cypherix) uses 448bit blowfish encryption on files and folders to keep out prying eyes, and includes a secure file-shredder to permanently erase sensitive data from your PC.

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imlSoft Whole Disk Encryption ($44.95 - Windows - imlSoft International) has the ability to encrypt an entire hard-disk, including support for external or removable flash drives, boot-sectors and system files to quickly lock-down your private data.

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KaKa Folder Protector ($39.90 - Windows - Kakasoft) uses 256bit AES encryption to password-protect files and folders on your system, with a simple interface for protecting sensitive files, or preventing files from being modified or deleted without authorization.

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Review: Visual Time Analyzer

Visual Time Analyzer (by A. & M. Neuber Software) sits in the background keeping track of everything you do on your PC, whether it's browsing the internet or working on projects. Data is gathered on-the-fly while you work on other things, which is then presented to you in the form of graphs, time-lines and an 'activity diary'.

Navigating the UI is virtually effortless, allowing you to quickly make sense of which apps you've been running, how long you spent on certain websites, and a breakdown of project activity based on which software you identify as a tool of each project.

Whether you're slightly disorganized and want to be more productive, or you're already an obsessive planner  - this utility deserves some consideration, and the ability to compare data between multiple users/workstations makes it especially useful for the workplace.

An essential tool for anyone who wants to get organized and track the time they spend on different tasks, at home or in the office. Provides in-depth reporting with a solid user-interface.

Platform: Microsoft® Windows

Price: $39.00

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