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Policy Change: URL Shorteners

While we understand that URL shorteners can be a useful tool for tracking clicks between Appseeq and the app store listing, we've taken the decision to disallow their use when submitting apps on Appseeq.

This is due to the following reasons...

  1. Visitors to your Appseeq listing may distrust shortened URLs, preferring to know exactly where the 'download' or 'buy' buttons lead.
  2. Appseeq already keeps track of downloads via an on-site redirect, and tells visitors about the destination domain when they hover over the button.
  3. If an URL shortener suddenly vanishes, we'd be left with a lot of dead links, and these listings would have to be removed.

App submissions with shortened URLS instead of direct app store links won't be rejected, but we reserve the right to replace your links with direct, final destination URLS. This means more work for editors, and your app will take longer to be approved.

If your app is on Android - please link directly to your Google Play or Amazon page, likewise iTunes for iOS or Windows Store for Windows Phone.