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App Review: Goldfish in the Sewer

goldfishEver wondered what happens to your goldfish after you flush it? If this game is anything to go by, a frantic race through slime-filled pipes is the order of the day. Goldfish in the Sewer for Windows Phone is a racing game that pits a plucky goldfish against a series of twists and turns as you tilt and tap your way through each course as quickly as possible.

Swimming through the sewer is deceptively difficult, requiring fast reactions to avoid globs of green slime which slow you down, while swimming through goops of red 'stuff' that boosts your speed. There are also fruits to collect, which inexplicably improves your race time; and regardless of whether this makes any sense or not - when you're trying to beat the clock, sewer-fruits are a welcome addition.

goldfishGraphically, 'Goldfish in the Sewer' has a bright and appealing cartoon style with some nice parallax scrolling thrown in, interesting particle effects as you slam your poor fish into yet another wall, and some fun physics that round it off nicely.

goldfishIt it fun? Well, it's surprisingly fun to navigate the u-bends, and the option to steer your goldfish by either tilting the device, a virtual control pad, or full-screen touch controls means there's a control method to suit everyone. The game is easy to pick up and play, but it could take a while to master for new players.

Goldfish in the Sewer is a great looking game that's bags of fun, with heaps of challenge and one that will keep you occupied for hours. Grab it before it slips through your fingers!

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