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Feature: deepMesh

Game developers can be quite demanding when it comes to their development tools and editors, especially given the broad range of model formats, graphics APIs and game engines they have to work with - and the options for 3D modelers are well established with the likes of 3DSMax, Z-Brush and Blender - many of which require you to jump through hoops and plug-ins to export game-ready models in a suitable format.

deepMesh provides a feature-rich set of 3D model editing tools for game developers, which may be more accessible to beginners than some of the alternatives, while giving seasoned 3d artists every editing tool they could wish for in a single app.

Every stage of the modelling process is catered for, from model editing to materials, uv mapping, light & shadow and even an integrated scene-editor make deepMesh a worthy addition to your development tools.

Platform: Microsoft® Windows

Price: $24.99

Buy deepMesh | Download Demo


How to Submit Your App to Appseeq

Appseeq is a free and easy way to promote your apps for any platform, so when it comes to getting the word out about your awesome new app, there's no reason you shouldn't create a page for it on Appseeq.

This quick guide will walk you through the steps to getting your games and utilities listed on the site, and ultimately, getting more new users than you know what to do with!

Step 1. Create a free account

While we do accept guest submissions, it's recommended that you register a free account before submitting, as guest submission is only available when the review queue is small, and registered users get to add more (and bigger) screenshots, along other benefits like priority listing, and the ability to edit apps etc...

Click here to register your account

Step 2. Add a company profile (optional)

This step is optional but recommended - a company profile will show all your apps on one page, with a company logo, and links to your website and social media - not only will this help users find all of your apps easily, it's a great way to promote yourself as an app developer.

Click here to add your company or click the 'Edit' button, followed by 'Add Company' from your account page.

Step 3. Submit your app

Click here to submit your app or click the 'Edit' button, followed by 'Submit App' from your account or company page.

Be sure to fill out all the required fields, add a description, screenshots, videos and links to your download / 'buy now' pages. If your app is for iOS, your links should point directly to your iTunes URL - if it's for Android, likewise for Google Play. For Windows/Mac/Linux, your download link should be the direct download URL, and they 'buy now' link can be the shopping-cart you already use.

Step 4. Wait for approval

Once submitted, your app will enter the 'review queue', to be reviewed by an editor - who will test your app before approving it. This can take anywhere between 24 hours and 1 week, depending on how many apps are in the queue.

You can see the status of all your apps from the 'My Apps' tab on your account page.

That's it - good luck!

Reinventing Appseeq

Appseeq (formerly 'appSeeq') has spent the last 4 months being re-written from the ground up, and will launch as an entirely new service in September 2013. It's taken a lot of planning, coding and testing (and re-testing) to transform the old site into something both app developers and app users should find useful.

Things are moving ahead of schedule, but there's still plenty of loose-ends to tie off before the site goes live (at the time of writing, Appseeq v2.0 is running on a local development server).

So what is about to change?

  1. Apps can now be submitted, and edited by the developer at any time
  2. Appseeq sports a brand-new look, with improved search & navigation
  3. Apps for all major platforms (Windows,Mac,Linux,iOS,Android) are catered for
  4. User profiles and company profiles connect apps to people
  5. Developers can set up [time limited] deals and discounts
  6. 'Connections', voting and commenting bring a more sociable experience

The review process has also been streamlined, making it easier for an Appseeq 'editor/reviewer' to approve user-submitted apps, which means no more long wait times between submitting an app, and seeing it live on the site.

More soon!