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App Review: Rainbow Ruckus - The Amazing World of Gumball

From the popular Cartoon Network show, The Amazing World of Gumball the brand has expanded to bringing out their own mobile app version for iOS and Android. Developer Cartoon Network EMEA Games released the app last April 15, 2015 in the United States, while the UK release was a week after (April 24, 2015).

Gumball Rainbow RuckusThe objective of the Rainbow Ruckus’ game is to defeat Jealousy (the green ghost) by restoring the stolen rainbow in its place and save the town of Elmore. Players will play as Gumball (the blue cat) throughout the game, although Darwin (orange fish with a body) will be beside you for the adventure.

Game Story

Jealousy is back. He wants revenge by wrecking the Elmore town and stealing the rainbow from the sky. Jealousy possessed the town folks and forced them to do his bidding. The player will act as Gumball and Darwin, and will aim to stop Jealousy’s evil plan by restoring the rainbow above the sky. There are 30 gripping levels wherein you will need to guide the rainbow through old sewer pipes to get back up to the sky. As Gumball, you will need to guide and protect Darwin while he fixes the pipes. With the help of Darwin’s trusty paintball gun, protect Darwin at all cost by waking up the town folk, who are under the spell of Jealousy, and shooting them otherwise they will attack your character.

There is an option to power up before the next level, so make sure to strategize your power point wisely and prepare for the upcoming stages.

Unblock the pipes and protect darwin from the possessed towns folk!

Unblock the pipes and protect darwin from the possessed towns folk!

Other game details:

Apart from English, the game comes in other languages: Arabic, French, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

As of the moment, Rainbow Ruckus garnered 94% of 5-star rating with an overall review rate of 4.1-star at the Goole Play Store, while the App Store gave this game a Rated 4+ score.

The app can be installed on Android devices running 2.3 Gingerbread and above version. Meanwhile, App Store only allows iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 7.0 and later version to install the game. Apple noted that The Amazing Gumball app is already optimized for the new iPhone 6 to fit its 4.7-inch screen and maximize its faster A8 chip with 64-bit power.

Lite version of the app with eight free stages is also available at the Google Play Store.

Additional Tip:

The game itself is engaging and fun, but it will be best played on an Android handset with wide view panel and powerful graphic chipset. During our review, we used the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Platform: Android and iOS
Price: $2.49
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.turner.ggl.gumballrainbowruckus
App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/rainbow-ruckus-amazing-world/id895011486?mt=8
Appseeq Listing: http://www.appseeq.com/app/1695/gumball-rainbow-ruckus

Exclusively written for Appseeq
By The iReviewer

App Review: Ego Crush

ego crushWe've all worked for a tyrannical boss who likes to inflate his ego and get rich while the poor workers slave away from 9-to-5, and sometimes you have to fight for your paycheck. Well, Ego Crush is an iOS/Android game that takes fighting for your paycheck quite literally; dispensing with office politics and throwing you into a world where it's OK to take your manager down a peg or two with a deftly timed roundhouse-kick to the face.

egocrush0Your ruthless CEO wants to be the richest man in the world, and has sent his team of moronic middle-managers to make you work harder. Obviously, this means it's time to flip your desk and crush some egos while your colleagues look on in disbelief. This is a fighting game we can all relate to, and yes, it really is as fun as it looks.

Just another Monday morning.

Just another Monday morning.

The available characters can be decked out in the wardrobe with a selection of 'power suits' for those who like to flout the appropriate dress-code while beating the Vice President into a virtual pulp, and while the fighters in this game look like they'd struggle to straighten a paperclip, they actually do pack quite a punch.

The controls are smooth and responsive, leading to a satisfying flurry of punches and kicks - each of which adds money to your paycheck when you beat your opponent, and this presents the perfect opportunity to furnish your own ego by sharing it on Twitter or Facebook.

Ego Crush looks great, has fluid animation and is probably the most fun you can have without actually punching your boss. Download it and vent your frustration before someone gets hurt.

Platform: iOS, Android
Launch Price: $0.99
Appseeq Listing: http://www.appseeq.com/app/980/ego-crush
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/CA/app/id923722392?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aefgames.egocrush

App Review: Ninja Slayer Contest

ninja80Ninja Slayer Contest for iOS is more than just a ninja game - it's also a shuriken-flinging contest with real cash prizes. The idea is quite simple - as waves of ninjas approach from the top of the screen, a swipe of the throwing-star will send it flying in any given direction, slicing through anyone in its path.

The slain ninjas let out a loud and guttural scream when they die, and there's plenty of cartoon-style crimson to satisfy even the most blood-thirsty of gamers, but such is life in feudal Japan, where arguments are settled with a flash of steel.

ninjaGraphically, Ninja Slayer Contest has some rather nice backgrounds and a well polished interface that is easy to navigate. The ninjas can be described as more 'cute' than 'menacing', at least in appearance - but as more and more ninjas approach the bottom of the screen you'll be panicking and swiping in all directions trying to keep them at bay.

Now that all sounds like a lot of fun (and it is) but what everyone is really interested in is the sweet pile of cash you can win for scoring highly. The top 3 highest scoring players will each win $250, $150 and $100 respectively when the contest ends at the end of January 2015, and of course there are some in-app purchases to help you get there.

Ninja Slayer Contest is a great looking game that's easy to pick-up and play, but requires fast reactions to achieve a respectable score. The cash prizes are a welcome addition that add some extra motivation to keep playing.

Platform: iOS
Price: FREE
Appseeq Listing: http://www.appseeq.com/app/943/ninja-slayer-contest
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ninja-slayer-contest/id904522230?ls=1&mt=8

App Review: Bulwark

bulwarkA Bulwark, for those who don't know, is a defensive wall - it's also the name of a new tower defense game for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. In this review, we'll be looking at the Android version to find out what makes it special.

The goal of the game is to defend your base with a variety of turrets and defensive equipment placed strategically around the map to stop a horde of enemies from attacking.

bulwarkThere are a lot of games in this genre, and Bulwark makes a solid attempt to stand out from the rest with the addition of 24 unlockable achievements which can be earned over 20 levels with 4 distinct themes (Grasslands, Ice/Snow, Industrial and Space).

You can earn cash for destroying enemies, which can be used to purchase better defenses - and you'll need to manage your resources carefully if you want to progress, as this game is unrelenting from the outset, requiring all the strategy and planning you can muster.

bulwarkViewed from a top-down perspective, Bulwark features some good-looking stylized 3D graphics and an interface that makes good use of the screen-space on smaller devices. As you'd expect, there are plenty of meaty explosions and special effects which makes the whole experience pretty exciting, and equally devastating when the enemy breaches your defenses.

If you've never played a tower defense game before, Bulwark is a great introduction - and if you're a seasoned fan of the genre, this game won't disappoint. Overall, a well polished and challenging game that will keep you occupied for many hours.

If you want to check out Bulwark for other platforms, you can grab it on itch.io via the official site: lunarwolfgames.com

Platform: Android
Price: $1.63 / £0.99
Appseeq Listing: http://www.appseeq.com/app/782/bulwark
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fallen.defenddestroy

App Review: Dead Giveaway

dead giveawayDead Giveaway for iOS is a creepy looking general-knowledge quiz game in which you pit your wits against hordes of undead zombies by answering a series of questions about TV-shows, books, movies, sports, games and music to earn coins, which you can use to buy clues or skip tricky questions.

This game should be immediately familiar to anyone who's ever played one of those pub-quiz machines, except you can carry this around with you on your iPhone or iPad. The major difference is, you must complete each question by typing out the answer on the virtual keyboard based on several clues presented on the screen.

dead giveawayGraphically, Dead Giveaway is nicely presented with a comic-style zombie theme and an interface that is well drawn and easy to navigate - and typing out the answers adds some extra challenge to the gameplay.

Some of the questions are easy enough if your general knowledge is up to scratch, but you will get stuck often, which is where those all-important coins come into play, revealing some handy clues that help you progress. These clues are shown on tv-screens and provide textual hints to certain aspects or characteristics of the correct answer.

dead giveawayDead Giveaway is an entertaining time-killer with some good presentation and an array of tricky questions that provide plenty of challenge. The ability to earn coins and Game Center integration are welcome additions that make this an app that's well worth a look.

Platform: iOS
Price: FREE
Appseeq Listing: http://www.appseeq.com/app/733/dead-giveaway
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/dead-giveaway/id862373503?ls=1&mt=8