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Reinventing Appseeq

Appseeq (formerly 'appSeeq') has spent the last 4 months being re-written from the ground up, and will launch as an entirely new service in September 2013. It's taken a lot of planning, coding and testing (and re-testing) to transform the old site into something both app developers and app users should find useful.

Things are moving ahead of schedule, but there's still plenty of loose-ends to tie off before the site goes live (at the time of writing, Appseeq v2.0 is running on a local development server).

So what is about to change?

  1. Apps can now be submitted, and edited by the developer at any time
  2. Appseeq sports a brand-new look, with improved search & navigation
  3. Apps for all major platforms (Windows,Mac,Linux,iOS,Android) are catered for
  4. User profiles and company profiles connect apps to people
  5. Developers can set up [time limited] deals and discounts
  6. 'Connections', voting and commenting bring a more sociable experience

The review process has also been streamlined, making it easier for an Appseeq 'editor/reviewer' to approve user-submitted apps, which means no more long wait times between submitting an app, and seeing it live on the site.

More soon!