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App Round-up: Educational Apps for Kids

For this round-up, we'll be looking at a selection of fun educational apps available on various platforms. Click each icon for detailed information and screenshots from the app listings.

Monster Book of Numbers (iOS - $0.99 - My Little Big Town) is an interactive educational book for ages 2 and up, which uses bright illustrations, particle effects and touch elements to teach counting from 1 to 10.

Buy Monster Book of Numbers from iTunes

Color By Numbers - Flowers (iOS, Windows, Mac - $6.99 - Coloritbynumbers) encourages creativity and teaches number recognition. Aimed primarily at girls, this app presents a series of flowery coloring sheets which can be filled by tapping paint tubes and numbered areas to fill in the pictures.

Visit the developer's website | Buy Color By Numbers | Download Demo

Brave Crab (Windows - $14.99 - Pilot Group) is an educational adventure game featuring a crab called Shifty, with multiple varied environments and a unique graphical style that should keep kids entertained.

Visit the developer's website | Buy Brave Crab

Map Scholar (Windows - $9.99 - Arctic Owl Software) teaches geography with an animated political world map with a focus on identifying capital cities, countries and flags across 8 different continents.

Visit the developer's website | Buy Map Scholar | Download Demo