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App Round-up: Great Games for Mac

Mac users aren't traditionally thought of as 'gamers', and up until recent years, finding games for the platform wasn't so easy - this is obviously no longer the case since the explosion of developers who came around to the idea that desktop gaming is no longer a Windows-only pursuit.

For this round-up, we've picked a selection of mac games you might not know about, but are worth checking out!

Neon Wars ($19.99 - Blitwise Productions) is a visually unique arcade blaster with some rather pretty particle effects, and a surprisingly addictive gameplay mechanic. With manic mouse-controlled shooting and a relentless wave of enemies, this should appeal to retro-purists and modern gamers alike.

Visit the developer's website | Buy Neon Wars | Download Demo

Minigolf Mania ($19.95 - Top Meadow) Minigolf Mania brings some interesting power-ups to the putting green, which makes for a challenging and addictive game with some nicely presented cartoon-style environments. Multiple game-types and unlockables will keep you coming back for more.

Visit the developer's website | Download Minigolf Mania

Hexvex ($19.95 - Bitbliss Studios) is a tile-matching puzzle game set on a hexagonal grid, with explosive power-ups and some deviously difficult levels which require quick reactions and logical thinking to complete.

Visit the developer's website | Buy Hexvex | Download Demo

Wildlife Tycoon - Venture Africa ($20.00 - Chronic Logic) challenges you to build a sustainable safari ecosystem with a population of native African species. With immersive 3D graphics, your lions, buffalo and elephants are brought to life with realistic AI.

Visit the developer's website | Buy Wildlife Tycoon | Download Demo