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Privacy Update

Privacy is more important than ever these days, and Appseeq has always given users multiple ways to control who can see their account-related information on the site; from the ability to hide real names and email addresses from other users, to optionally blocking guests and search-engines from viewing entire profiles - there's plenty of control on offer for anyone concerned about their personal data.

One thing we missed, and have since fixed - is the visibility of user-connections on public profiles. Appseeq now blocks anyone who isn't logged-in from seeing which accounts you've 'connected' with (under the 'Connections' tab) - and you still have all the other privacy settings available if you want to lock-down your profile from prying eyes.

If you haven't changed your privacy settings for your account yet, you might be surprised how easy it is.. click 'Edit'-->'Edit Profile' from your account page, and scroll to the bottom for the following options...

  • Show my real name on my profile & comments (can also be hidden when you register)
  • Show my email address on my profile (default: off)
  • Show my phone number on my profile (optional)
  • Show my birthday on my profile (optional)
  • Accept messages from users I'm not connected to
  • Hide my profile from search engines & logged-out users

So now, as well as all of the above options, your connections are also hidden by default. We take this stuff seriously, so feel free to let us know if you need further control over your accounts.


App Round-up: Privacy & Security Tools

With all the recent talk of privacy concerns in the media, the need to protect your personal data is more important than ever. For this round-up, we've picked a selection of apps which could help you do just that...

Amigabit Privacy Cleaner ($29.95 - Windows - Amigabit) is designed to clear all traces of activity across a variety of browsers, applications and communication tools on your PC, making the process of tidying up your history a quick and simple process.

View developer's website | Buy Amigabit Privacy Cleaner | Download Demo

Secure IT Encryption Software ($29.95 - Windows - Cypherix) uses 448bit blowfish encryption on files and folders to keep out prying eyes, and includes a secure file-shredder to permanently erase sensitive data from your PC.

View developer's website | Buy Secure IT Encryption | Download Demo

imlSoft Whole Disk Encryption ($44.95 - Windows - imlSoft International) has the ability to encrypt an entire hard-disk, including support for external or removable flash drives, boot-sectors and system files to quickly lock-down your private data.

View developer's website | Buy Whole Disk Encryption | Download Demo

KaKa Folder Protector ($39.90 - Windows - Kakasoft) uses 256bit AES encryption to password-protect files and folders on your system, with a simple interface for protecting sensitive files, or preventing files from being modified or deleted without authorization.

View developer's website | Buy KaKa Folder Protector | Download Demo