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Making the Most of Your App Listing

When you submit an app to Appseeq, you have full control over the appearance of your listing, from the icon & description in search results, to your actual app page. Once your app is approved, you can update your app page any time you like - to keep the information up-to-date, adjust prices and improve your listing over time.

You can edit your app listing to make a great first-impression.

You can edit your app listing to make a great first-impression by adding rich-content like youtube videos, multiple screenshots and a well-written description.

Using deepMesh as an example (above), making careful edits to an app's page can turn a boring listing into an attention-grabbing promotion for your app. This app gets several things right...

  1. Multiple screenshots give a good idea about what the app does - you can add up-to 3 screenshots, so make use of them!
  2. A Unique description, unlike a copy-paste of your sales blurb is not only great google-fu, it gives site visitors a reason to try the app. Avoid hyperbole or sales-talk - just stick to the facts.
  3. Adding Youtube videos of actual gameplay or a tour of features will encourage people to try your app for themselves.
  4. Adding a price-cut or time-limited discount can be done from the 'Deals & Discounts' tab when you edit your app. You can do this at any time without the need for editor approval.
  5. Adding an eye-catching icon will make your app stand-out in search listings (see below for a good example of this)

Color By Numbers is a good example of an eye-catching icon. This makes a big difference for page views. Although adding an icon is optional, if you choose not to, Appseeq will create one from your first screenshot - which won't look as good.

A discounted price, eye-catching screenshots and an editor's review can improve your listing.

A discounted price, eye-catching screenshots and an editor's review can improve your listing.

How to get an Editor's Review

If your app is outstandingly good, or just plain interesting - an editor's review will be added for you. You can also request a review by contacting us once your app is live.

How to add deals & discounts

To add a discounted price (as shown above), or a time-limited deal - log into your account and visit your app page. In the top-right, you will see an 'Edit' button. This allows you to edit your listing and submit a new version etc..

Editing your app listing

The second tab marked 'Deals & Discounts' allows you to add a discount code to the 'buy now' URL, set a discounted price and control who the discount applies to and how long it lasts.

This only works if your 'buy now' URL allows a discount code passed as a parameter, so at this time, it's not suitable for all app stores.

Finally, if you really want to get the most from your app listing - encourage everyone you know to visit your Appseeq page, vote for your app and leave a comment.