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5 Festive Apps for Christmas

Christmas is almost here, and if you're struggling to get into the spirit this year - there might be an app that will bring a bit of festive fun to your device, as you count down the days with these 5 apps for Christmas...

Wow! Christmas Song (Android - Free) is a quirky and cute medley of songs with bright and colorful visuals and song lyrics that kids of all ages can enjoy. If this doesn't perk you up this xmas, nothing will.

santaxmasvillage80Santa's Christmas Village (iOS - $1.99) is packed with xmas-themed mini games like mahjong, checkers, tic-tac-toe and sudoku that will keep you occupied during cold winter nights.

Christmas HD (Android - $1.99) is a christmas themed 3D live wallpaper with some rather nice looking graphics. The scene is fully customizable and you can switch at any time between indoor and outdoor scenes.

Christmas!! (iOS - Free) is a nice looking countdown calendar for your iOS device that keeps track of how many days left until the big day. Its simple and intuitive interface includes festive jokes, christmas songs and a gift to reveal each day.

Christmas Tree Maker (Android - Free) lets you decorate your own christmas tree on your Android device. Add lights, baubles and tinsel to your festive creation, and share it with friends on Facebook.

App Round-up: Educational Apps for Kids

For this round-up, we'll be looking at a selection of fun educational apps available on various platforms. Click each icon for detailed information and screenshots from the app listings.

Monster Book of Numbers (iOS - $0.99 - My Little Big Town) is an interactive educational book for ages 2 and up, which uses bright illustrations, particle effects and touch elements to teach counting from 1 to 10.

Buy Monster Book of Numbers from iTunes

Color By Numbers - Flowers (iOS, Windows, Mac - $6.99 - Coloritbynumbers) encourages creativity and teaches number recognition. Aimed primarily at girls, this app presents a series of flowery coloring sheets which can be filled by tapping paint tubes and numbered areas to fill in the pictures.

Visit the developer's website | Buy Color By Numbers | Download Demo

Brave Crab (Windows - $14.99 - Pilot Group) is an educational adventure game featuring a crab called Shifty, with multiple varied environments and a unique graphical style that should keep kids entertained.

Visit the developer's website | Buy Brave Crab

Map Scholar (Windows - $9.99 - Arctic Owl Software) teaches geography with an animated political world map with a focus on identifying capital cities, countries and flags across 8 different continents.

Visit the developer's website | Buy Map Scholar | Download Demo

App Round-up: Privacy & Security Tools

With all the recent talk of privacy concerns in the media, the need to protect your personal data is more important than ever. For this round-up, we've picked a selection of apps which could help you do just that...

Amigabit Privacy Cleaner ($29.95 - Windows - Amigabit) is designed to clear all traces of activity across a variety of browsers, applications and communication tools on your PC, making the process of tidying up your history a quick and simple process.

View developer's website | Buy Amigabit Privacy Cleaner | Download Demo

Secure IT Encryption Software ($29.95 - Windows - Cypherix) uses 448bit blowfish encryption on files and folders to keep out prying eyes, and includes a secure file-shredder to permanently erase sensitive data from your PC.

View developer's website | Buy Secure IT Encryption | Download Demo

imlSoft Whole Disk Encryption ($44.95 - Windows - imlSoft International) has the ability to encrypt an entire hard-disk, including support for external or removable flash drives, boot-sectors and system files to quickly lock-down your private data.

View developer's website | Buy Whole Disk Encryption | Download Demo

KaKa Folder Protector ($39.90 - Windows - Kakasoft) uses 256bit AES encryption to password-protect files and folders on your system, with a simple interface for protecting sensitive files, or preventing files from being modified or deleted without authorization.

View developer's website | Buy KaKa Folder Protector | Download Demo

App Round-up: Great Games for Mac

Mac users aren't traditionally thought of as 'gamers', and up until recent years, finding games for the platform wasn't so easy - this is obviously no longer the case since the explosion of developers who came around to the idea that desktop gaming is no longer a Windows-only pursuit.

For this round-up, we've picked a selection of mac games you might not know about, but are worth checking out!

Neon Wars ($19.99 - Blitwise Productions) is a visually unique arcade blaster with some rather pretty particle effects, and a surprisingly addictive gameplay mechanic. With manic mouse-controlled shooting and a relentless wave of enemies, this should appeal to retro-purists and modern gamers alike.

Visit the developer's website | Buy Neon Wars | Download Demo

Minigolf Mania ($19.95 - Top Meadow) Minigolf Mania brings some interesting power-ups to the putting green, which makes for a challenging and addictive game with some nicely presented cartoon-style environments. Multiple game-types and unlockables will keep you coming back for more.

Visit the developer's website | Download Minigolf Mania

Hexvex ($19.95 - Bitbliss Studios) is a tile-matching puzzle game set on a hexagonal grid, with explosive power-ups and some deviously difficult levels which require quick reactions and logical thinking to complete.

Visit the developer's website | Buy Hexvex | Download Demo

Wildlife Tycoon - Venture Africa ($20.00 - Chronic Logic) challenges you to build a sustainable safari ecosystem with a population of native African species. With immersive 3D graphics, your lions, buffalo and elephants are brought to life with realistic AI.

Visit the developer's website | Buy Wildlife Tycoon | Download Demo