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App Round-up: Privacy & Security Tools

With all the recent talk of privacy concerns in the media, the need to protect your personal data is more important than ever. For this round-up, we've picked a selection of apps which could help you do just that...

Amigabit Privacy Cleaner ($29.95 - Windows - Amigabit) is designed to clear all traces of activity across a variety of browsers, applications and communication tools on your PC, making the process of tidying up your history a quick and simple process.

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Secure IT Encryption Software ($29.95 - Windows - Cypherix) uses 448bit blowfish encryption on files and folders to keep out prying eyes, and includes a secure file-shredder to permanently erase sensitive data from your PC.

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imlSoft Whole Disk Encryption ($44.95 - Windows - imlSoft International) has the ability to encrypt an entire hard-disk, including support for external or removable flash drives, boot-sectors and system files to quickly lock-down your private data.

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KaKa Folder Protector ($39.90 - Windows - Kakasoft) uses 256bit AES encryption to password-protect files and folders on your system, with a simple interface for protecting sensitive files, or preventing files from being modified or deleted without authorization.

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