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Game Review: Sonic Dash for Android & iOS

Sonic The Hedgehog leaps onto the small screen of your iOS or Android device and brings with it a tried and tested game-play mechanic popularized by the likes of Temple Run and Subway Surfers - but is it actually any good?

In a word, yes. In several words; it's an enjoyable and blisteringly fast 3D platform game with bags of variety and some genuine surprises in the level layout; such as loops, spirals and underwater tunnels that add real depth to the environments as you deftly swipe the screen to avoid obstacles in your path.

Sonic Dash Android ScreenshotSonic Dash Android Screenshot

Sonic Dash is a good looking game, if you're not too busy staying alive to notice that the game's developer, Hardlight, has managed to fit an awful lot into a 42mb download.

Game-play is simple and intuitive - swipe left/right on the screen to dodge, or swipe up/down to jump and spin respectively, collecting rings along the way.

Where Sonic Dash differs from similar games in the genre, and it's quite a welcome difference; is the lack of a giant monkey, monster, whatever chasing you through the level waiting for you to mess up. Enemies are instead strewn around the level causing a general nuisance.

It's not all positive - due to the random nature of levels, some obstacles can appear too close together, requiring a seemingly impossible double-swipe to jump over - something which is handled far better in other dash games, but unfortunately here, Sonic is doomed to jump face-first into an obstacle fairly often.

Finally - ok, it's a 'free' game, and in-app purchases are a staple of the mobile market, but the interface is purposefully ambiguous about which upgrades are earned, and which require a purchase. It's a minor annoyance for new players to figure this out.

Overall, Sonic Dash is exceptional in many ways - let down by some small issues. If you want to show-off what your tablet can do, this is one to try.

Platforms: Android 2.3.3 and iOS 5.0

Price: FREE (with In-App Purchase)

Links: Appseeq Listing | Google Play | iTunes