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App Review: Picbury

picburyPicbury is a photo-sharing iOS app that immediately piqued our interest due to the unique and really clever way it captures photos at your current location, and shares them with other people who visit the same area later on. Similar to a time capsule, Picbury digitally 'buries' your images in the place they were taken, and allows you to discover and 'dig up' photos wherever you go.

picburyIt works by keeping track of your location with the GPS on your device, and storing the coordinates of each photo at the moment it was taken; the app then tells other Picbury users how many buried photos are nearby, with a prompt to dig them up and see the area from someone else's perspective.

There's even an option to have Picbury automatically take photos throughout the day, and send a push-notification later on, allowing you to look back on key moments once you get home, although only the most extrovert of travelers would keep this on permanently.

picburyThe social aspects of sharing photos with strangers who happen upon them as they follow in your footsteps is where this app really shines, and the ability to like and comment on buried pictures turns your every step into an interactive treasure-hunt that makes the world feel more rich and engaging.

A lot of attention has gone into the design of the interface, which is uncluttered and easy to navigate even on smaller screens, and the focus is kept firmly on the pictures themselves. This is an app that is not only a great idea, but everything is well executed and aesthetically pleasing. It just works.

Picbury is a must-have app for anyone who likes to explore and discover new places while sharing their experiences with others. Go get it.

Platform: iOS
Price: FREE
Appseeq Listing: http://www.appseeq.com/app/978/picbury
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/picbury/id862728346?mt=8

App Review: Vent - Get it off your chest

mzl.ypmresgb.175x175-75Vent for iOS (coming soon to Android) is both an app and a social network that should be of particular interest to the outwardly temperamental; people who, once in a while need to express how they're really feeling with their circle of friends.

Rather than try to jump on the bandwagon of established social networks like Twitter and Facebook, which seem to encourage putting on your best face and pretending everything is great all the time - Vent is all about the basic human need for impulsive emotions like anger, irritation and the daily frustrations of life.

2x2aIt's a great idea that should immediately resonate with anyone who's been put on hold by a call-center, been stuck in traffic or paid too much for a shoddy service.

The simple and intuitive UI makes navigation quick and easy - dragging a slider allows you to express anything from being calm to furious, followed by a short (240 character) description similar to a tweet, which is then vented to other Vent users.

2x2bVisually, the Vent app is slick, engaging and looks great on the small screen - and because Vent is free to use, you won't be venting about the price.

They say misery loves company, and as the user-base grows - you'll be in good company with like-minded 'venters' who share your frustration; so instead of throwing your iPhone across the room, get it off your chest with Vent - it's like pocket therapy!

Platforms: iOS, (Android coming soon)
Price: FREE
Appseeq Listing: http://www.appseeq.com/app/378/vent-get-it-off-your-chest
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/vent-get-it-off-your-chest/id780298346?mt=8