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Review: Tree Notes

Tree Notes (by Dextronet) takes an interesting approach to note-taking; ditching the common sticky-note method in favor of a collapsible tree containing various items and projects in the left-pane, and a rich-text editor to the right, which can contain notes, emails and embedded files to keep track of daily tasks and events.

Items can be distinguished with a selection from over 244 icons provided, and your notes can be stored in a local database with optional encryption to keep out prying eyes.

It's all fairly intuitive, and the ability to export to PDF, along with searchable notes and a built-in spellchecker makes this a good all-round organizer for personal note-taking.

Platform: Microsoft® Windows

Price: $44.95

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Feature: deepMesh

Game developers can be quite demanding when it comes to their development tools and editors, especially given the broad range of model formats, graphics APIs and game engines they have to work with - and the options for 3D modelers are well established with the likes of 3DSMax, Z-Brush and Blender - many of which require you to jump through hoops and plug-ins to export game-ready models in a suitable format.

deepMesh provides a feature-rich set of 3D model editing tools for game developers, which may be more accessible to beginners than some of the alternatives, while giving seasoned 3d artists every editing tool they could wish for in a single app.

Every stage of the modelling process is catered for, from model editing to materials, uv mapping, light & shadow and even an integrated scene-editor make deepMesh a worthy addition to your development tools.

Platform: Microsoft® Windows

Price: $24.99

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