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Making the Most of Your App Listing

When you submit an app to Appseeq, you have full control over the appearance of your listing, from the icon & description in search results, to your actual app page. Once your app is approved, you can update your app page any time you like - to keep the information up-to-date, adjust prices and improve your listing over time.

You can edit your app listing to make a great first-impression.

You can edit your app listing to make a great first-impression by adding rich-content like youtube videos, multiple screenshots and a well-written description.

Using deepMesh as an example (above), making careful edits to an app's page can turn a boring listing into an attention-grabbing promotion for your app. This app gets several things right...

  1. Multiple screenshots give a good idea about what the app does - you can add up-to 3 screenshots, so make use of them!
  2. A Unique description, unlike a copy-paste of your sales blurb is not only great google-fu, it gives site visitors a reason to try the app. Avoid hyperbole or sales-talk - just stick to the facts.
  3. Adding Youtube videos of actual gameplay or a tour of features will encourage people to try your app for themselves.
  4. Adding a price-cut or time-limited discount can be done from the 'Deals & Discounts' tab when you edit your app. You can do this at any time without the need for editor approval.
  5. Adding an eye-catching icon will make your app stand-out in search listings (see below for a good example of this)

Color By Numbers is a good example of an eye-catching icon. This makes a big difference for page views. Although adding an icon is optional, if you choose not to, Appseeq will create one from your first screenshot - which won't look as good.

A discounted price, eye-catching screenshots and an editor's review can improve your listing.

A discounted price, eye-catching screenshots and an editor's review can improve your listing.

How to get an Editor's Review

If your app is outstandingly good, or just plain interesting - an editor's review will be added for you. You can also request a review by contacting us once your app is live.

How to add deals & discounts

To add a discounted price (as shown above), or a time-limited deal - log into your account and visit your app page. In the top-right, you will see an 'Edit' button. This allows you to edit your listing and submit a new version etc..

Editing your app listing

The second tab marked 'Deals & Discounts' allows you to add a discount code to the 'buy now' URL, set a discounted price and control who the discount applies to and how long it lasts.

This only works if your 'buy now' URL allows a discount code passed as a parameter, so at this time, it's not suitable for all app stores.

Finally, if you really want to get the most from your app listing - encourage everyone you know to visit your Appseeq page, vote for your app and leave a comment.

How to Submit Your App to Appseeq

Appseeq is a free and easy way to promote your apps for any platform, so when it comes to getting the word out about your awesome new app, there's no reason you shouldn't create a page for it on Appseeq.

This quick guide will walk you through the steps to getting your games and utilities listed on the site, and ultimately, getting more new users than you know what to do with!

Step 1. Create a free account

While we do accept guest submissions, it's recommended that you register a free account before submitting, as guest submission is only available when the review queue is small, and registered users get to add more (and bigger) screenshots, along other benefits like priority listing, and the ability to edit apps etc...

Click here to register your account

Step 2. Add a company profile (optional)

This step is optional but recommended - a company profile will show all your apps on one page, with a company logo, and links to your website and social media - not only will this help users find all of your apps easily, it's a great way to promote yourself as an app developer.

Click here to add your company or click the 'Edit' button, followed by 'Add Company' from your account page.

Step 3. Submit your app

Click here to submit your app or click the 'Edit' button, followed by 'Submit App' from your account or company page.

Be sure to fill out all the required fields, add a description, screenshots, videos and links to your download / 'buy now' pages. If your app is for iOS, your links should point directly to your iTunes URL - if it's for Android, likewise for Google Play. For Windows/Mac/Linux, your download link should be the direct download URL, and they 'buy now' link can be the shopping-cart you already use.

Step 4. Wait for approval

Once submitted, your app will enter the 'review queue', to be reviewed by an editor - who will test your app before approving it. This can take anywhere between 24 hours and 1 week, depending on how many apps are in the queue.

You can see the status of all your apps from the 'My Apps' tab on your account page.

That's it - good luck!